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Role of CAD Technology in MEP Design Services

Posted by on August 2nd, 2013

An effective coordination between the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems is very important to undergo the various operations in a residential or a commercial building with ease. The specific building designs and the available spaces are to be carefully considered before installing the mechanical, electrical and the plumbing systems.

The whole process of MEP design, installation and coordination requires locating the different components from all the individual systems, as per the design criteria of the buildings. AutoCAD Drafting India is one of the finest providers of MEP design services.

The MEP Design services include all the aspects such as designing, installation, commissioning, undertaking all the operation and the maintenance procedures of the mechanical, electrical and the plumbing systems.

MEP Design Services

The mechanical services include:

  • Shop drawings
  • Drawings of fire protection systems
  • Heating and cooling load calculations
  • Equipment selection
  • Schematic designs of the heating and cooling equipments

The electrical services include:

  • Design of the lighting systems and the power distribution systems
  • Site plans and panel scheduling
  • Electrical line diagrams
  • Emergency lighting system layouts

The plumbing services include:

  • Pipe drawings
  • Piping modeling
  • Plumbing cost analysis and material selection
  • Plumbing sectional drawings and shop drawings

Most of the engineering organizations today are making use of the advanced CAD technology to provide the mechanical electrical plumbing services. CAD technology effectively helps in reducing the manual tasks in the initial design phases, thereby saving a significant amount of time.

Moreover, the various data’s such as the space dimensions, estimated loads can easily be calculated with the help of the computer-aided designs. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the MEP design services.

The computer-aided design softwares used for the MEP design contains the parametric change feature. With the help of this feature; if any change is made in any single location of the design, it will automatically be updated in the overall design.

The different software implemented for delivering the MEP design services are AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, SolidWorks, Microstation, and Navisworks etc. The highly efficient features of the software are proved to be very helpful in avoiding any type of interferences and in delivering the mechanical electrical plumbing services to the clients, with a fast turnaround time.

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