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Rebar Detailing; Structural Engineering Element Applicable To Both Steel & RCC Structures

Posted by on November 4th, 2016

Rebar Detailing Services

Beams, columns, elevators, foundations, pits, slabs, staircases, walls and many more, so what is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk of constructing all these? Yes, rebars are the indispensable element of structural engineering.

Steel available in form of bars and rods is also fixed in concrete for reinforcement. If we talk of detailed structural engineering, it is all about detailing rebar for configuring the structure of the entire building. Also known as rebar detailing, it is one of the majorly offshored services, as compared to others, across the architectural, engineering and construction industry put together.

Rebar detailing solutions can be one of, or a combination of, shop drawings for rebars, rebars placement drawing, bar bending schedules, detaining for retaining walls, as built drawings, rebar designing, rebar foundation detailing and concrete masonry detailing.

Why Rebar detailing is crucial for the successful completion of building structures?

The strength of any structure purely depends on structural integrity and design of the construction, which is all due to the structural elements that go into its making, with rebar detailing as one of the most important component to it. Accuracy plays a crucial role in rebar detailing as it is vital for both, the quality of construction and cost estimation. It has been evident across construction portfolios including residential, commercial and infrastructure projects as well.

Rebar detailing helps in evaluating the construction cost with the quantity and quality of rebars used in the construction project. Deriving the quantity of rebars with help of comprehensive drawings of the construction structure becomes a convenience. Also these drawings help in denoting the layout pattern and the position of the rebar for each construction element. One of the leading architectural firms in Belgium needed support for structural steel detailing and drawing up a rebar plan and details for every floor level.

The rebar plan needed to conform strictly to European standards for structural design & engineering. This architectural firm reached out to a rebar detailing service provider, to familiarize themselves with the technical terms in French, and the standards’ specifications, and draw up the rebar plan and the bar-bending schedule in accordance.

The project team used the received architectural drawings, and structural member drawings & arrangements to develop a structural steel model in Tekla. With help of this model, they were able to draw up accurate rebar schedules and bar bending schedules, in accordance with the standard specifications required by the Client.

The architectural firm benefited from the information embedded in the steel model, which ensured that the rebar plan and the bar bending schedules generated were accurate. The rebar models also ensured that there was no wastage of materials, and significantly fewer RFIs or design changes, positively impacting client’s budgets.


There are firms out there who have played pivotal role as an army of engineering service pertaining to mechanical engineering and civil engineering parse as well. Offshore AEC firms are capable enough to manage anything that comes their way pertaining to structural engineering services clubbed with Rebar Detailing Services, a valued component of structural detailing as the services benefits both, steel and RCC structures.


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