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Structural Analysis Services

At AutoCAD Drafting India, we are expert in structural analysis services by using cutting edge technologies. The detailed models help to carry out thorough structural analysis, virtual design testing and validations of building structures.

We offer structural analysis and structural steel design services for all scales and types of clients in the building construction industry including structural engineers, steel fabricators, steel erectors, architect, construction supervisors, engineering firms, builders, general contractors, and building construction professionals. We do analysis of load like dead load & live load to check the strength of building structure before real installation.

With the need for structural analysis and steel detailing services increasing day by day, the construction industry is in real need of responsible service providers nowadays. We help structural engineers to design steel, concrete, wood and aluminum sections with the best strength.

We have experienced team of structural engineers and CAD drafters who have the apt skills and knowledge in the field of load analysis and calculations which can help them in providing solutions for industries such as aviation, automotive, oil and gas, retail, heavy engineering, hotel, retail, heavy engineering, healthcare and education.

Our structural analysis services will help you to determine volume limits, as well as linear and surface strengths and weaknesses of structural components, including the strength of columns, walls, connectors, beams, braces, and roofs.

The structural analysis and structural steel design provided by us is at par with the regulations set by the building construction authorities. We have successfully completed several structural analysis and design projects for construction of residential, commercial, retail, warehouses, institutional, educational, health care, sports, government, religious, military, agricultural, hotels, resorts, assembly plants, medical centers, retail shopping centers etc.

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Our established project management processes allow us to deliver effective & efficient CAD design, drafting and 3D CAD modeling services to our clients worldwide.

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