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Reverse Engineering Services

We are leading reverse engineering service providing company in India, delivering a 3D CAD model of any physical part of object from 3D scanning data using reverse engineering techniques.

We streamline design processes using SolidWorks 3D CAD to generate new designs or recreate existing product/part designs based on ones that already exist. Our reverse engineering services accelerate product development cycle, reduce risk, save time, and increase productivity. We deliver comprehensive reverse engineering from 3D laser scanning information, rapid prototyping to delivery of a final optimized CAD design solutions, and even CAE models.

Our experienced team of engineers involved in reverse engineering service discusses client’s specific requirements and assist them in their projects. We provide simple and complete engineering design support services, by converting scanned data to avail CAE and optimized CAD designs depending on customer requirements. We have expertise in providing a range of 3D reverse engineering services for designing and development of engineering components.

From small engineering design firms to OEM manufacturers, we help customers to recover obsolete design data, digitize it and make it accessible to engineers for future innovation and optimization through CAD tools. Our services of reverse engineering have proved to be efficient as a primary inspection tool for recreation of spare parts that undergo continuous wear and tear.

As a part of our continuous drive to keep innovation at the forefront, we deliver outsourced reverse engineering processes to obtain CAD models from existing physical parts. We create SolidWorks 3D models that can be used for applications such as dimensional inspections, recreating obsolete and worn parts, or documenting shop floor changes to original drawings. We have remained trusted partner for clients spread across USA, Canada, UK, Europe, GCC, Australia, & APEC regions involved in manufacturing of turbine blades, medical devices, and automotive components to entire plant layout.

Our reverse engineering services includes:

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Our established project management processes allow us to deliver effective & efficient CAD design, drafting and 3D CAD modeling services to our clients worldwide.

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