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The ease of preparing – and the accuracy of Architectural, MEP and Structural Drafting has increased manifolds, as construction professionals have started using CAD technology.

However, high quality of structural drafting and detailing cannot be maintained until and unless the drafting engineers and detailers do not comply with the CAD drafting standards.

Architectural, MEP and Structural Drafting Services
CAD software tools such as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, etc, have made the task of preparing and accessing detailed drafts extremely easy, as compared to the traditional paper drawings in addition to making the task of adhering to the drafting standards easy, as well.

Once a CAD file is developed it should always be checked for quality and adherence to the drafting standards

Several people might work on a CAD file, and there are several updates done to it. So it is very important to check the files for violation periodically and to make sure that the standards are met.

For example, in a project where multiple sub contractors are involved, during the course of the project several new layers might get added to the file, and these may or may not comply with the defined standards.

In this case the non standard layers can be checked for non adherence and the problems can be fixed. To audit more than one drawing, batch standard check audits can also be done.

CAD tools often have notification features, where user can be alerted of a violation while working on a drawing. This makes it easier to maintain standards while preparing the draft.

Why should we adhere to the CAD drawing standards?

Adherence to CAD drawing standards ensures that a consistent level of quality and standard is maintained for all disciplines of CAD drafting. Additionally, the person who prepares these drafts, and all those who use it, gain a common understanding of the design based on set standards.

Sometimes deciphering the drawings that are not standardized is difficult for architects and engineers. By standardizing these drawings, the chances that any of the involved professionals misinterpret these drawings, gets eliminated, and hence the chances of further problems during implementation of these designs are also reduced.

So to avoid any misinterpretations and discord amongst the involved experts it is necessary that multidiscipline drafts are prepared keeping in mind, and adhering to the recognized CAD standards. When these drafts are error free and as per the necessary standards, it increases the efficiency of architects, engineers, fabricators and contractors using them and hence in-turn increases the project productivity.

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