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BIM and Cloud: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Construction Management

For general contractors, delivering quality construction projects in minimal time is the key to get quick ROIs. However, delivering quality of work in construction sector has to start from grass root level since; lives of hundreds of inhabitants depend on it. Meeting both the ends of quality and quick building construction solutions was quite a challenge few years ago. However; with advent in technology, AEC fraternity has surpassed these barriers, and general contractors successfully clubbed BIM with Cloud technology for the betterment of construction practices.

Automating various construction processes and harnessing BIM technology for apt purposes have led to bridge the gap between on-site as well as off-site building construction professionals. This ultimately reflects on the performance of the general contractor or the construction firm.

Blending BIM with Cloud technology

By blending BIM with cloud-based software, general contractors can overcome some of the frequently occurring challenges faced by on-site and office staff.

One of the common challenges that staff at a general contractor office face is they feel disconnected from office environment since they are buried under stack of papers for documentation and RFIs. Sometimes, this even results in missed calls from clients, affecting the sales. However, with cloud technology, these technicians can access documents related to work orders, its issues and completion, customer information, site view and work history. Convenient access to details decreases the frequent need of shuffling papers and files for fetching a single piece of information.

Cloud based documentation also covers work tickets and schedules, maintenance of inventory data, timely materials supply, which eliminates unnecessary trips from site to office and back. With appropriate tracking and prescheduled work orders; supervisors are benefited by exactly pinpointing a certain on-going activity. Dispatchers and supply chain professionals are empowered to plan routes for material delivery, and can easily track the changes in planned schedule.

To address the second most common challenge is to value the time of clients and contractors both. According to a market research, customers value those contractors who respond to their inquiries and solve them quickly and efficiently. 73% of the responders said that, to them, the most important factor in customer service is setting a shorter response time service window – whether it is on-site or calls. Because of these demands, contractors availing quicker and efficient services are the only ones to stay in market competition for a longer period of time.

This is where Cloud comes in with BIM. Contractors can avail excellent services by setting up a customer’s portal enabling them to see the site history and progress with Cloud. The portal can be extended for the use for payment of bills, checking the status of their complaints or placing one.

Key aspects to consider while implementing Cloud with BIM

With technology, there are several risks involved too. It becomes important for the contractors to deal by managing the data efficiently. To avoid blunders in security theft, authorities need to mandate and limit the access to only those who are qualified for handling data on cloud.

Initial setup plays an important part in getting acquainted with it the new technology; whereas ongoing support will enable seamless integration of software and general contractor’s business. Having said this, the aim of cloud enabled BIM is to access the information throughput via any device say computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Thus, it is important to ensure that data warehoused on line is accessible and compatible to any of these gadgets.

Clubbing BIM with Cloud technology; the goals of taking a general contractor’s business to new heights is achieved. Automating service operations and paperwork will save time and help the contractors to serve their customers efficiently.

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