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CAD for Product Design
For a design engineer, developing the best product designs to strengthen the marketability of the product, CAD drafting is similar to those strategies played by characters in Game of Thrones to conquer the iron throne in king’s landing. CAD generated product designs have essentially improved the design conceptualization by transforming the ideas into realizable product designs before bringing them into physical existence by concentrating designs of every little component.

Taking the first step to King’s landing: Design intent communication through CAD

For every smallest component, like in case of gears, having the most complex geometries has varied applications in several different industries. Not only this, their manufacturing methods, designs, material selection and other aspects also vary from application to application. With such vivid application, the manufacturing becomes difficult. As the British Gear Association quotes:

Gear geometry is thought to be complex and often considered a black art.

Before the fabrication starts, understanding and perceiving geometry of this complexity level and effects on gear material while in operation becomes difficult to understand as well as to communicate.

However, 3D product designs obtained through CAD drafting using CAD software like Creo helps in transforming the engineering innovative ideas to reality. All the information about gear for designs such as, gear tooth, tooth height, tooth radius, addendum, etc. can be explained and comprehensively mentioned with a 3D model that aids in communicating design intent and reason of each geometrical variance.

CAD developing a new horizon of confluence between designs and manufacturing

Since ages, design engineers and manufacturers have been trying to transform the exact ideas into reality however, due to shop floor shortcomings and inability of the fabrication process to make up to the exact designs, the idea has remained a challenge until the acceptance of CAD software. CAD drafting is not only how things are designed, but also the way they are perceived and how is business carried ahead.

Making a case in point, gears like other automotive components finding applications in various industries demand accurate manufacturing techniques. CNC machine, however, have managed precision cutting and shaping of gear geometry. But these agile machines need accurate geometry to be fed as basis for the tooling path to be followed for cutting process. CAD models generated for product designs can directly be used as geometrical basis for tooling path.

In addition to CNC machines, CAD drafted models and product designs along with 3D printing allow designers to create products for much less cost. These product designs generated through Creo and other software allows housing the information related to manufacturing processes such as rolling, cutting, deburring, lapping, hobbing etc. Combining these aspects allows the product design engineer concentrating on smaller aspects of product designs, leading to better and impressive bigger ideas when the manufacturing engineer give a final output.

Alongside these challenges in fabrication handled by CAD, the comprehensive CAD drafted 3D models encompasses information for bills of the product and estimated costs to generate an idea of product cost; and accordingly tie it up with marketability and commercialization ideas.

Because market is demanding CAD

According to a report by, CAD market in the USA will grow at a CAGR of 4% during the year of 2014-2019. 3D CAD models will become essential with this level of demand and cumulative growth rate. Product designs has become an integral part of not just designs, but also for manufacturing precision and boosting sales of the product seeing the market trends. Product design for complex geometries is crucial, sometimes the designer eventually gets to the end of physical transformation; while sometimes the idea dies along the way. It is CAD drafting that helps incorporate, track and manage every design input and empowers the designer to replicate the same in reality.

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