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We provide a full range of FEA analysis services to help our clients in analyzing strength of complex structures by providing an accurate prediction of various components and parts.

We provide an effective and collaborative consulting business model to deliver finite element analysis services to support confident design decisions. Our capabilities reflect in FEA analysis services and the engineering design optimization solutions that we have provided to industrial plants, sheet metal product manufacturers, automotive OEM and Ancillaries and pressure vessel manufacturers.

We offer a complete range of FEA consulting services including structural, thermal and fluid structure interface (FSI) analyses. We use CAD tools for design and drafting documentation which can be later on used for FEA analysis.

Our FEA Analysis Services expertise includes:

  • Improve your existing designs by weight/material reduction through design optimization techniques, and thus minimize costs with our FEA solutions.
  • Design validation of complex mechanical engineering systems using multi-physics approach. This includes stress analysis, dynamic analysis, thermal analysis, fluid dynamic analysis, and non-linear analysis among others.
  • Stress analysis of weldments, structures, piece parts, mechanisms, and systems.
  • Performance optimization of mechanical devices for least cost, energy and material usage.
  • Fatigue life and durability analysis, including full vehicle durability analysis.
  • Gasket sealing analysis, bolt torque sequencing analysis.
  • Port design optimization for an automobile engine valve using thermal – fluid flow analysis.
  • Moldflow analysis to detect hotspots, pressure loss, warpage and optimization of gating and risers / runners for a consumer goods plastic part.
  • Direct importing of solid models from many CAD systems for design optimization.
  • Capability to work with a wide variety of irons, steels, plastics, and other non-ferrous materials with both linear and non-linear stress-strain characteristics and other non-linear effects.

Our certified professional expertise to develop finite element models for static, transient, linear or non-linear simulation requirements. Our FEA engineering consultants are highly experienced in several industries including power generation, biomedical, chemical equipment, oil & gas, automotive and aerospace across USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia & APEC.

Why outsource FEA services with us?

  • Better product performance
  • Timely delivery and cost effective services
  • Client Support Services
  • Latest software and technologies

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Samples: