Trusted CAD Outsourcing Partner
We deliver high quality 3D CAD model of any physical part of object from 3D laser scanning data using reverse engineering techniques.

We deliver comprehensive reverse engineering from 3D laser scanning information, rapid prototyping to delivery of a final optimized CAD design solutions, and even CAE models. Our experienced teams of engineers involved in reverse engineering service for discussing client’s specific requirements and assist them in their projects.

We provide simple and complete engineering design support services, by converting scanned data to avail CAE and optimized CAD designs depending on customer requirements. We have expertise in providing a range of 3D reverse engineering services for designing and development of engineering components. We deliver outsourced reverse engineering processes to obtain CAD models from existing physical parts.

Our reverse engineering services includes:

  • Convert imported data to native SOLIDWORKS file format
  • Complex Geometry and Freeform Surface Creation
  • Create a CAD model from and old design or part
  • Create benchmarking data and compare competitors’ designs
  • 3D modeling of objects of any size and complex surface
  • Design modification from actual objects
  • Data preparation for digital simulation
  • Design a new part to fit to a legacy part
  • Vehicle tear-down and CAD reconstruction
  • Tool development or optimizing the manufacturing process
  • Virtual manufacturing, simulating the assembly process
  • Quality inspection and measurement for deviation of CAD models from original scanned data
  • Scan to 3D capability to import, edit, evaluate, and create solid geometry from scanned point cloud and mesh data

We create SolidWorks 3D models that can be used for applications such as dimensional inspections, recreating obsolete and worn parts, or documenting shop floor changes to original drawings. We involved in manufacturing of turbine blades, medical devices, and automotive components to the entire plant layout of our client requirements spread across USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, & APEC regions.

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Reverse Engineering Samples: