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Why should manufacturers partner with 2D CAD design services provider?
Our CAD drafters develop 2D drawings, fabrication drawings and 2D building plans using SolidWorks to improve design accuracy and precision understanding.

We develop 2D CAD design and convert 2D to 3D CAD model for design understanding according to international design standards. Our 2D CAD drawing services empower engineering design firms, consultant, fabricators, design engineers and architects to stay efficient by carrying out uninterrupted fabrication processes.

Benefits of 2D CAD services

We understand the client requirements in the form of hand sketches and develop 2D CAD drawings for part drawings and assembly. We partner with sheet metal fabricators, building product fabricators, furniture manufactures, automotive OEMs, and process industry equipment manufacturers for developing shop floor drawings.

We help you digitize your designs by converting pdf, MCD, TIFF or hand drawn sketches to DWG and DXF files and maintain your legacy data easily editable and referencing in future.

Our expertise in 2D CAD Drawing

As a full spectrum of CAD design consulting firm, having an experience in the industry for more than a decade, we hold expertise in:

  • Develop shop drawings, assembly drawings and installation drawings
  • Developing 2D fabrication drawings for sheet metal component & building products
  • Isometric views & exploded isometric views for efficient design interaction
  • Generating RFQs and RFQs
  • Depict weldments, bends and cutting information in 2D CAD drafts
  • CAD conversion from paper to DWG files for easy access

Reach out to us today for discussing your 2D CAD requirements for efficient CAD design and drafting outsourcing assistance.

2D CAD Design Samples: