Trusted CAD Outsourcing Partner
How will our 2D CAD drawing service help you stay efficient?
We understand your tooling and construction capability, and accordingly develop 2D drawings for your fabrication and architectural design needs.

Our CAD drafters generate 2D drawings and 2D architectural plans to help design engineers and architects collaborate with contractors, fabricators, managers, owners and other construction discipline efficiently. Our outsource CAD drafting and design support services help architects, design engineers, furniture designers and manufacturers stay efficient.

Our specialized services for 2D CAD drawings

We have a team of certified CAD drafters spearheaded by engineers to develop CAD drawings as per client’s requirements. We specialize across enlisted services:

  • 2D CAD drawings for design digitization
  • Converting red-markup drawings to CAD drawings for as-built purpose
  • Developing 2D fabrication drawings and shop floor drawings with manufacturing information
  • Standard drawing content with overlaying texts and reduced or enlarged to scales, etc.
  • 2D CAD Drawings for design presentation to stake holders and clients
  • Clean up scanned data and redevelop 2D CAD drawings for converting to editable DWG or DXF files

Why should you ask for 2D CAD drawings?

We convert any type of engineering drawing or architectural drawings, blue prints, markup drawings or paper based drawings to help you preserve your designs. We digitize designs for future referencing and maintaining legacy design data.

With 2D CAD drawings, we also enable extracting and estimating near accurate values of Bill of Materials, precise RFIs, BOQs and other material for fabrication or construction purpose.

Talk to us about your 2D CAD drawing needs, our teams can work with your design engineers to deliver your designs as per international standards.

2D CAD Drawing Samples: