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We handle all types of CAD conversion for architects, construction, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace and more industries.

Are you looking for your 2D drawing into appealing 3D draft & model? We do high quality CAD conversion services in your budget. We have an excellent team of professionals, processes and state-of-the-art technology that assists global AutoCAD design and construction industry to keep up with the rapid changes of CAD conversion services in the information age.

We have achieved significant domain experience by successfully completing a wide variety of AutoCAD Conversion projects such as distribution of network maps, facility plans, shop drawings, site survey plans and civil, mechanical and construction engineering drawings for various design and construction firms.

We Perform AutoCAD Conversion Including:

  • Image or Vector Data projection into desired coordinate systems
  • Cleaning of complex vector data of point, line and polygon features
  • Creation and attachment of object attribute data to specified objects
  • Conversion of topological data into object data
  • Exporting object data to external database table
  • Integration of external database into vector data

You will get many advantages by our services like competitive pricing, high accuracy, high data security, advanced technology, flexibility, highly skilled conversion specialists, quick turnaround time etc.

We have expertise in the following CAD conversion services:

  • Raster to Vector
  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • AutoCAD Conversion
  • CAD to Revit Conversion
  • PDF to DWG, DWG to DGN, MCD to DWG
  • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion
  • CAD Drawing Conversion
  • Scan to Drafting
  • TIFF to DOC, TIFF to Drawing, TCW to Drawing
  • Revit Conversion & MicroStation Conversion

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